Company's involvement in this trading field Ductile Iron is considered the most preferred pipe material for water supply and pressure sewerage application all over the world. It offers higher Tensile Strength than Mild Steel and retains the inherent corrosion resistance of Cast Iron. Pipes made from Ductile Cast Iron provide substantial benefits in terms of pressure bearing ability, impact resistance and capacity to sustain external static/ dynamic loading.


  • Ductile

    Ductile iron pipe is made from 100% recycled ferritic scrap—and is itself a 100% recyclable material.

  • Little maintenance

    Little maintenance It requires very little maintenance once it’s installed and is designed to last for well over 100 years.

  • Corrosion resistance

    Corrosion resistance It is resistant to corrosion in most soils, and typically requires only effective, economical polyethylene encasement in more aggressive environments.

  • Q Ductile

    Q Ductile iron pipe is rugged and resists damage during handling and installation

  • Deflectable

    Deflectable joints and the ability to be cut in the field make installing ductile iron simple and safe, and they make it easier to adapt to unforeseen field conditions.


  • DI pipes are entirely recyclable and they are lot more durable over cast iron.
  • Low maintenance so no hazards post installation that we cannot find in cast iron.
  • Flow of water increases widely too
  • Leakages generally do not occur whereas this is a backdrop in the ones that were previously used.


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