Conduit pipes of different strengths are used to encase the wiring and placed in grooves carved on the brick surface, before the walls and ceilings are plastered and cemented. Used in electrical wiring purposes within residential complexes, offices etc. These pipes are available in different sizes ranging from 19 to 32 mm.


  • Easy Wiring and Installation

    Due to the attested quality of the pipes, it constitutes high mechanical strength and flexibility that indeed helps to be used for both open/surface and concealed installations with ease. The smooth walls of the pipes also make the wiring easier by reducing the friction.

  • Light Weight

    One of the key technical advantages of rigid PVC conduits for wiring and cabling purposes are that they are much lighter than the pipes made from more traditional materials; as they have low specific gravity.

  • Cost Effective

    They are cost-effective as it involves minimum handling and logistics cost and also due to its long life compared to other traditional alternatives.

  • Minimum Maintenance

    The pipes require minimum or no maintenance due to its excellent weathering properties.

  • Advanced Fire Resistance

    These pipes have proved to be inherently difficult to ignite and are also self-extinguishing once the source of heat is removed; thus becoming safer for all electrical uses.

  • Conductivity

    Exceptional quality standards of rigid PVC ensures to be a non-conductor of electricity preventing shocks and shorts; hence being ideal for the electrical conduit pipes.

  • Strength and Durability

    Manufactured from high impact resistant PVC specially formulated to meet superior standards promises the best performance and strength to withstand any uncertainties along with its long life.

  • Corrosion Resistant

    Rigid PVC pipes are immune to chemical and galvanic corrosions by nature and can also repel any attacks of salty atmosphere and excessive humidity.

  • Environmentally Sound and Recyclable

    Rigid PVC conduits have a environmentally favorable impact as compared to many other manufactured materials and they can also be recycled easily at the end of their useful lives.


  • Efficient and Effective
  • Economical
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Non-combustible system
  • Adaptable to wiring alterations
  • Eco-friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Highest yield and tensile strength


Outsite diameter in
Tolerance in
Light Medium Heavy Standard Packing
- - Min ID Min ID Min ID -
16 -0.3 13.7 13 12.20 150L*3Mtrs
20 -0.3 17.4 16.90 15.80 100L*3Mtrs
25 -0.3 22.1 21.40 20.60 50L*3Mtrs
32 -0.4 28.6 27.80 26.60 50L*3Mtrs
40 -0.4 35.8 35.40 34.40 25L*3Mtrs
50 -0.5 45.1 44.30 43.20 25L*3Mtrs


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